Major Construction Begins This Month On Rucker Road Improvements

Released October 11, 2017 04:13 PM

Orange fencing and barrels will soon be seen along Rucker Road as construction activity begins on Alpharetta’s $18.5 million roadway improvement project.  City officials expect erosion control fencing to be installed within the next two to three weeks in preparation for the relocation of overhead utilities.

“Survey crews are active along the corridor this week,” said Alpharetta Public Works Director Pete Sewczwicz.  “The first visible indication of the project that citizens will notice will be the digital information signs that will be placed along the corridor one week before erosion control measures are installed.  After that, construction activity will ramp up over the next couple of months and will continue through August 2019.”

According to Sewczwicz, while motorists will begin seeing traffic delays along the corridor, the biggest impact will come just after the current school year ends.  Over the 2018 summer break portions of Rucker Road will be closed to all through traffic while bridges along the roadway are replaced.

“We know that the road closure will be a significant inconvenience to motorists,” he said, “but construction crews will be able to complete the work much more quickly and safely than could be achieved if we kept the road open.  The best way I can explain it is comparing it to removing a Band-Aid.  Sometimes the best way to do it is to just pull as fast as you can.  There will still be pain, but it passes more quickly and the bad part is over.”

It is estimated that closing the road to complete the bridge replacements will shave at least six months from the project schedule.

Funded primarily by a bond approved by Alpharetta voters in May 2016, the Rucker Road Corridor Improvement Project stretches west from Wills Road to the city limits.  Primarily designed to improve safety and traffic flow while reducing vehicle speeds, the project will result in narrower vehicle travel lanes and operational improvements at key intersections.  Two roundabouts, one located at the intersection with Charlotte Drive and the other at the entrances of the Fairfax and Northfield Neighborhoods, are key elements of the project.  Significant pedestrian, streetscape, and aesthetic enhancements are also important components.

For more information on the Rucker Road Corridor Improvement Project, please visit or email the project manager, Aaron Wadley at