Paving Of State Route 9 In Alpharetta Begins Monday

Released July 28, 2016 01:24 PM

Motorists are advised to expect evening and early morning delays on a portion of State Route 9 beginning August 1 due to road construction.  Crews under direction of the Georgia Department of Transportation will be resurfacing the roadway from its intersection with Milton Avenue / Academy Street in Downtown Alpharetta north to the city limits near Windward Parkway.

State Route 9 Repaving Project Area

All work is to be performed between the hours of 8:00 PM and 5:00 AM to avoid higher daytime traffic periods.  It is anticipated that the work will take approximately six to eight weeks to complete.  During these times lane closures will be occurring, resulting in traffic delays.

As part of the project the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) will first remove a layer of the existing pavement, a process known as milling.  Crews will then make any needed structural repairs to the road such as filling potholes.  After all repairs have been completed along the entire section of State Route 9, GDOT will apply the final layer of asphalt and temporary lane markings.  Typically one to two weeks after the final asphalt layer has been applied, crews will return to place the final lane and directional markings.

Residents and motorists are advised that there will be periods during this repaving process at which the road will be rough, lanes will be uneven (one lane higher or lower than the one next to it), and will appear patchy and unattractive.  This is all an unavoidable part of the repaving process but will inconvenience those traveling along or turning onto or off of State Route 9.

Motorists are urged to reduce speeds and use caution on State Route 9 until the repaving is completed.  The presence of work crews and machinery will reduce visibility and create a higher potential for accidents.  Uneven lanes and the grooves in pavement that will be present during various phases of the project can also make changing lanes and entering or exiting the roadway more challenging.