Communities Look To Alpharetta For Successful Blueprint

Released August 31, 2017 09:27 AM

With the success the City of Alpharetta has had with recent development projects, other cities from across the southeast are not only taking notice, but also taking notes as they visit the area to learn how they can do the same for their communities. Developments like Avalon, the Alpha Loop, City Center, and the upcoming dining development, The Daily, are quickly becoming household names across the southeast and beyond.

Community leaders from local Atlanta suburbs to out-of-state city representatives from North Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee have visited Alpharetta to exchange ideas and learn how officials attract private investment and work with developers to create public amenities.  

One of the municipalities interested in this development is the city of Franklin, TN. Franklin, like Alpharetta, is a principle community surrounding a large metro area. Located just 20 miles south of Nashville, Franklin is home to 66,000 residents and several Fortune 500 companies. The downtown district was recognized by the American Planning Association as one of the nation’s Top Ten Great Neighborhoods, and Business Week named Franklin one of the Top 50 Cities to Start A Small Business.  

Franklin officials have ambitions of building and implementing similar amenities that draw inspiration from successes like the ones found in Alpharetta. As part of the Vision City Visit of Franklin Tomorrow, an independent community visioning organization, Franklin officials and business leaders are able to see successes like the ones found in Alpharetta. To get a better understanding of the community’s processes and vision, Franklin Tomorrow brought more than 40 representatives to tour the area. With this inside look, they received a better understanding of how developers and local leaders can work together to create something truly special.

“Our Vision City Visit to Alpharetta was the fourth of its kind and during this trip, we saw our future in many of the projects under development or on the ground in Alpharetta, including the Avalon development,” said Mindy Tate, executive director of Franklin Tomorrow. “As we deal with the demand from residents for greater connectivity in our community, seeing the Alpha Loop and understanding the networking necessary to make it happen was important, as was the significant insight provided to us by Alpharetta’s elected officials, staff and business community.”

Kathi Cook, Deputy Director of Community Development for the City Alpharetta, states, “The City of Franklin, along with other cities who have toured, had the opportunity to get an inside look at our process. City leaders want to see the product first hand and get advice on how to replicate a similar project; we are honored to help them.”