Public Hearings

MP-15-01/CLUP-15-01/Z-15-01/V-15-01 KB400 Master Plan/1699 Land Company

The property is located at the southwest corner of Kimball Bridge Road and North Point Parkway and is legally described as being located in Land Lots 807, 808, 849 & 850, 1st District, 2nd Section, Fulton County, Georgia.

Consideration of a request to rezone approximately 12.4 acres from O-I (Office-Institutional) to R-8A/D in order to develop 61 ‘For-Sale’ Detached lots in a gated community. A master plan amendment to the KB400 Master Plan is requested to add ‘Dwelling, ‘For-Sale’ Detached’ to the list of permitted uses. A Comprehensive Land Use Plan amendment is requested to change the designation of the property from ‘Corporate Office’ to ‘High Density Residential’. Variances are requested to reduce the minimum lot width and front setback.

This Item has been deferred by the Applicant  until Monday, August 21, 2017.