Couple Saves Driver Suffering Medical Emergency

Released May 23, 2016 07:38 AM

Recently, a husband and wife were traveling northbound through Alpharetta on GA400 and observed a vehicle swerving erratically across all lanes of travel. The couple observed that the male driver of the vehicle was slumped over his steering wheel and appeared to be having a seizure.

The wife called 911 while the couple continued to observe the erratic driver slow his vehicle down and then accelerate at a high speed. The driver in distress lost control of the vehicle and veered off the roadway, striking the left guardrail numerous times. Still, the vehicle continued down the shoulder of GA400.

Risking personal injury, the couple maneuvered their vehicle to physically strike the runaway vehicle and forcing it to stop. Alpharetta police and fire units responded to the scene.

Upon arriving on scene, Alpharetta police and fire personnel verified that a medical emergency was occurring, and the driver was rushed to a local hospital.

Thanks to the bravery of the assisting motorists and other passersby who stopped to help, no members of the public were injured and the driver who was in medical distress is expected to fully recover.

While the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety does not advise anyone to place themselves in grave danger, we are grateful for the act of bravery and kindness shown by the concerned citizens for a person in distress.