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Alpharetta Asks Public For Help In Naming Downtown Streets

Released on: Friday, December 6, 2013 10:00 AM

Suggest Street Names

As the Alpharetta’s City Center Project begins to take shape, the City is asking the public for help in naming five streets within the project that will change the face of Downtown Alpharetta.

“The citizens of Alpharetta created the vision for this special destination, so it only makes sense for the citizens of Alpharetta to help name the streets within it,” said Alpharetta Council Member Donald Mitchell. Mitchell serves as the Council’s liaison to the downtown business community.
The City has placed a form on its website ( that residents can use to submit suggested names. The form includes a depiction of the site with the five streets labeled for which names are being sought.  Residents can also submit suggested names by visiting City Hall or Alpharetta’s Community Development Department.

Suggested names should reflect the history, character or essence of Downtown Alpharetta or the community as a whole.  Street names that are identical to or too similar to the names of existing streets in Alpharetta cannot be considered.  Streets may not be named for living individuals.



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