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Calendar of Events: Public Information Meeting

Rucker Road Improvements Meeting

Alpharetta City Hall

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 7:00 PM

In February you took the time to participate in a series of meetings held by the City of Alpharetta for citizens who live in neighborhoods along the Rucker Road Corridor.  You will recall that those sessions were designed for you and your neighbors to share your ideas and concerns for the corridor and for us to listen and learn so that we could design the roadway in a holistic manner that better meets your needs.

The last session was held on February 26th, and since that time our professional staff has been working to meld your comments into an effective plan for the future of Rucker Road.  That work is now complete and it is time for us to bring the draft design back to you for review and discussion.

Please join us:

April 29
Alpharetta City Hall
2 South Main Street
7:00 PM

Agenda, Documents & Video

The session will begin with a quick review of what we heard you tell us in the previous meetings; your ideas and your concerns.  We will then present the draft designs for the Rucker Road Corridor and how we believe those designs address your comments.  If there were ideas or concerns that you mentioned that we could not address, we will discuss why.  Then, the floor will be yours as we ask for your feedback to find out how well our design matches your vision and if you have ideas for refining the plan.

We hope that you will plan to join us and that you will invite your neighbors.

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