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Building Construction / Permits & Inspections

Building permitting and inspection functions include the following:

• Answer questions about building codes, construction requirements, and permit requirements.

• Review building plans for code compliance.

• Issue Residential & Commercial Building Permits, as well as heating/air-conditioning, electrical, plumbing, and low voltage permits (security systems, voice/data systems, etc.)

• Issue swimming pool permits

• Issue temporary use permits for construction trailers, Christmas tree lots, tent sales, etc.

• Perform inspections to insure code compliance.

• Issue Certificates of Occupancy.


Authorization Letter for Online Subcontractor Permitting

Microsoft Word Extended (143 Kb)

Authorized Permit Agent Form

Adobe Acrobat PDF (374 Kb)

Building Valuation Data

Excel (50 Kb)

Building Valuation Letter

Adobe Acrobat PDF (257 Kb)

Commercial Building Inspection Policies & Procedures

Adobe Acrobat PDF (1.1 Mb)

Commercial Building Permitting Procedures

Adobe Acrobat PDF (1.5 Mb)

Commercial Interior Finish Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (237 Kb)

Commercial New Building Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (239 Kb)

Commercial Permit Applications

Adobe Acrobat PDF (1.1 Mb)

Deck Manual

Adobe Acrobat PDF (1.3 Mb)

Demolition Permit Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (234 Kb)

Electrical Permit Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (367 Kb)

Electronic Plan Review Info

Adobe Acrobat PDF (642 Kb)

Fire Marshal Checklist

Adobe Acrobat PDF (65 Kb)

Foundation Only Permit Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (224 Kb)

Georgia Building Codes

Adobe Acrobat PDF (163 Kb)

Grease Trap Permit Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (247 Kb)

Green Construction Summary

Adobe Acrobat PDF (223 Kb)

Homeowner Acting As A General Contractor Affidavit

Adobe Acrobat PDF (109 Kb)

Low Voltage Permit Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (354 Kb)

Mechanical Permit Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (353 Kb)

Model Home Permit Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (175 Kb)

New House or Addition Building Permit Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (235 Kb)

Plan Revision Submittal Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (210 Kb)

Plumbing Permit Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (367 Kb)

Residential Building Applications

Adobe Acrobat PDF (1.3 Mb)

Residential Building Inspections Policies & Procedures

Adobe Acrobat PDF (673 Kb)

Residential Building Permitting Procedures

Adobe Acrobat PDF (1.1 Mb)

Residential Deck, Porch or Sunroom Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (238 Kb)

Residential Interior Remodel & Basement Finish Building Permit Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (236 Kb)

Shell Building Permit Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (232 Kb)

Site Wall Permit Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (228 Kb)

Structure Relocation Permit Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (243 Kb)

Swimming Pool Permit Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (255 Kb)

Swimming Pool Permitting Procedures

Adobe Acrobat PDF (1.2 Mb)

Temporary Power Pole Electrical Service Request Form

Adobe Acrobat PDF (252 Kb)

Temporary Use Permit Application Form

Adobe Acrobat PDF (177 Kb)

Water Conservation Requirements for New Construction

Adobe Acrobat PDF (45 Kb)

More files & downloads


General Office Number, Building Inspectors, Requests for Inspections 
(Monday-Friday 7:30 AM -8:30 AM only) 678-297-6080
  We Provide Same Day Inspections
2 Park Plaza, Alpharetta, Georgia 30009


Building Plan Review, James Brooker 678-297-6082

• Building Plan Review, Alan Carlson 678-297-6083



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