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“ The citizens of the City of Alpharetta deserve the very best police and fire services and by combining resources into a public safety model we will be able to provide the best and most professional services possible”

The Alpharetta Public Safety Department is a modern and proactive law enforcement agency, combining police, fire, and emergency–911 services in a consolidated command and administrative structure. Responding with a coordinated emergency response, the Public Safety Department is committed to providing a safe, secure, and livable city for our residents, businesses, and visitors. Included below are a sampling of fiscal year 2013 workload and performance measures for the Public Safety Department that track our efforts and corresponding results toward keeping Alpharetta safe.

In addition to public safety response services, the Public Safety Department is actively engaged with our community. Public Safety personnel conducted informative crime prevention, identity theft, child safety, loss prevention, and various other presentations at 45 Police and Citizens Together (PACT) neighborhood meetings, 35 Business Watch meetings, 163 fire safety events, 44 business fire drills, 176 car seat inspections, and 60 scout/school/other meetings.

Through strong partnerships with our community, we can ensure Alpharetta remains safe, secure, and an excellent place to live, work, and play for the present and into the future.



Public Safety Administration
Phone: (678)-297-6300
Recruitment Officer
Public Safety
Lieutenant Dennis Valone
Phone: 678-297-6310
Deputy Public Safety Administrator
Fire & Emergency Services
Carl Hall
Phone: 678-297-6275

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