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Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management functions to prepare for, mitigate, and recover from any natural or man-made disasters.  This is accomplished through identification of potential hazards such as local area businesses with large stores of hazardous materials, classification of potential terror targets, and surveillance of any severe weather that might strike the area.  The Office of Emergency Management compiles all of the threat analysis data and provides an organized and systematic response for any disaster that may occur within the City of Alpharetta’s jurisdiction. In addition, the Office of Emergency Management establishes and maintains relationships with other agencies such as Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Department of Homeland Security, and surrounding municipalities, before a disaster strikes to enable rapid and efficient activation of mutual aid at the time of disaster.


Emergency Management Coordinator
Public Safety
Joe Popadics



Emergency Warning System

Alpharetta’s Emergency Warning System
The City of Alpharetta operates an emergency warning system designed to alert citizens to impending natural or man-made emergencies that could affect the health and/or safety of its citizens. The system is comprised of 23 sirens strategically located throughout the City. When activated, these sirens revolve 360-degrees so the sound can be projected in all directions. The City’s Department of Public Safety conducts a one-minute audible test of the siren system on the first Wednesday of the month at 12 noon. If weather conditions are poor then the test will occur on Wednesday of the following week at 12 noon. Shorter 30-second non-scheduled tests may occur to facilitate testing and maintenance. 

Alpharetta Department of Public Safety will activate the warning sirens when one or more of the four conditions listed below are met. For weather related emergencies, the sirens will be activated for 3 minutes, followed by a short pause, then activated an additional 3 minutes. This pattern will continue until the weather related threat has passed. For National Security or local hazardous events, the sirens will be activated as needed to ensure proper notification of the affected area.


Alpharetta Fire and Emergency Services will sound the warning sirens for three minutes when:

1. A public safety official or duty officer determines that a severe thunderstorm warning with winds of 80 mph and hail of 2.5” poses a threat to the health, safety, and property of city residents.

2. The National Weather Service issues a tornado warning for the North Fulton Area.

3. When a funnel cloud, tornado, or dangerous and damaging winds are spotted by a trained spotter (Fire Department or Police Department member).

4. National Security or local hazardous emergency event occurs which requires immediate evacuation (instructions will follow via local news media).

It is important to remember that once the warning sirens are activated, you should seek shelter immediately, and then listen to the radio (battery back-up) or local news to get details on the changing weather conditions.

The emergency warning sirens are installed at the following locations:

The emergency warning sirens are installed at the following locations:
1. Station 1, 2970 Webb Bridge Road
2. Station 2, 3070 Market Place
3. Station 3, 9600 Westside Parkway
4. Station 4, 525 Park Bridge Parkway
5. Station 5, 1475 Mid-Broadwell Road
6. Wills Park Equestrian Center, 11925 Wills Road
7. 10940 Duke Drive
8. 69 N. Main Street
9. Haynes Bridge Road @ Rockmill Road
10. Clubhouse Dr. @ Lake Shore Overlook
11. *Wills Park, 11925 Wills Road
12. *Milton High School, 86 School Drive
13. *North Park, 13450 Cogburn Road
14. *Webb Bridge Park, 4780 Webb Bridge Road
15. Preston Ridge Road
16. Crabapple Government Center
17. Windward Pkwy and Hwy 9
18. Windward Pkwy and North Point Pkwy
19. Crabapple Road
20. Fire Station 6 
21. Mayfield Road @ Harring Drive
22. Kimball Road @ Buice Road
23. Waters Road @ Wood Shoals Court

* These locations also provide voice instructions    

For additional information about the City’s Emergency Warning System, contact Captain Joe Popadics at 678-297-6352

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