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The City of Alpharetta's Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed is an easy way to stay up-to-date on what's happening around Alpharetta. By subscribing to the feed you will be automatically notified when new articles are published to the website.

What is RSS?
RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a useful tool for keeping updated on your favorite websites. An RSS feed is made up of XML code that is constantly updated on our server. When news articles are published, it is instantly added to the feed.

How do I use RSS?
In order to subscribe to an RSS feed, you will need special software called a News Reader. News Readers can be in the form of stand-alone software that is installed on your computer or you can use online services such as Yahoo!, Google, Newsgator, or Bloglines. See your software's documentation for details on subscribing to feeds.

Browser-specific directions:

Mozilla Firefox 1.0+
Users can add an RSS feed to their live bookmarks by clicking on the icon in the address bar. Articles will be listed under the bookmark.
Opera 7.5+
Users can click on the RSS icon at the top of this page and the feed will be added to the Feeds menu.
Netscape 8.1
Users can click on the icon to view the feed and then click on the "add feed bookmark" or "add headlines" buttons.
Safari 2.0+
Users can click on the icon in the address bar to view the feed then bookmark it. You will be notified of updates.
Internet Explorer 5+
Click on the RSS icon at the top of this page to view the formatted feed and bookmark it. This is just to view the feed, you will not be notified of updates.

* News reader software or your Web browser must be running to be automatically notified of changes.

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