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Planning/ Zoning/ Land Development


Planning and Zoning functions include the following:
• Answering public inquiries regarding zoning, special uses, buffers, development regulations, master plans and land use.
• Review land development plans for compliance with zoning and other requirements.
• Issue zoning certification letters.
• Administer impact fees.
• Approve final plats.
• Process Public Hearing Applications.
• Provide public hearing information for the Planning Commission (Zoning Board), Board of Zoning Appeals, and Design Review Board.
• Prepare and print the City Zoning Map and Street Map.

City Zoning Map

In order to view the Zoning Map online you will need a DWF viewer. If you don't have this viewer, you can obtain it from Autodesk for free. Go Here 

This portion of the website is produced for informational purposes and as a convenience to the public. This information includes the Zoning Map, amended from time to time. The information on the web should not be relied upon as an official and legally binding document of the City. An official copy of the Zoning Map is on file and available for public view or purchase during regular business hours within the Community Development Department, 217 Roswell Street, Alpharetta, GA 30009.



Zoning Map Online    (Autodesk DWF Viewer Required)     * Get Autodesk DWF Viewer Here (PC Only)

  Alternative Formats For Download Below:

Download Zoning Map in .DWF format (zipped)


Download Zoning Map in Adobe Acrobat format  (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)



GIS Mapping


Planning & Zoning Department:   Main Line: 678-297-6070

Michael Woodman, Zoning Administrator  Direct Line: 678-297-6076

Robert Strachler, Civil Engineer   Direct Line: 678-297-6218

Eric Graves, Senior Engineer - Development Services    Direct Line: 678-297-6220

David Shostak, City Arborist   Direct Line: 678-297-6229

Bret Schroeder, Design Review Board   Direct Line: 678-297-6088

Kathi Cook, Deputy Director (Public Hearings)  Direct Line: 678-297-6073

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