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Planning/ Zoning/ Land Development


Planning and Zoning functions include the following:
• Answering public inquiries regarding zoning, special uses, buffers, development regulations, master plans and land use.
• Review land development plans for compliance with zoning and other requirements.
• Issue zoning certification letters.
• Administer impact fees.
• Approve final plats.
• Process Public Hearing Applications.
• Provide public hearing information for the Planning Commission (Zoning Board), Board of Zoning Appeals, and Design Review Board.
• Prepare and print the City Zoning Map and Street Map.

Forms & Documents

Administrative Variance Application Form

Adobe Acrobat PDF (414 Kb)

Arborist Checklist

Adobe Acrobat PDF (126 Kb)

Certification Of Zoning Documentation Form

Adobe Acrobat PDF (873 Kb)

City Zoning Map

Adobe Acrobat PDF (6.2 Mb)

Commercial Site Development CO Checklist

Adobe Acrobat PDF (101 Kb)

Commercial Site Initiation Checklist

Adobe Acrobat PDF (13 Kb)

Completion Bond

Adobe Acrobat PDF (44 Kb)

Demolition Site Engineering Design Checklist

Adobe Acrobat PDF (107 Kb)

Design Review Board Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (1.1 Mb)

Design Review Board Ordinance & Design Guidelines

Adobe Acrobat PDF (276 Kb)

Detention Pond Certification Form

Adobe Acrobat PDF (12 Kb)

Final Plat Checklist

Adobe Acrobat PDF (138 Kb)

Generator Zoning Compliance

Adobe Acrobat PDF (891 Kb)

Green Construction Summary

Adobe Acrobat PDF (223 Kb)

Impact Fee Credit Use and Transfer Packet

Adobe Acrobat PDF (51 Kb)

Impact Fee Schedule

Adobe Acrobat PDF (20 Kb)

Land Development Fee and Bonds Spreadsheet

Excel (19 Kb)

Landscape Maintenance Bond

Adobe Acrobat PDF (72 Kb)

Low Impact Telecommunications Antenna & Tower Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (95 Kb)

Maintenance Bond

Adobe Acrobat PDF (44 Kb)

Plan Submittal Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (310 Kb)

Preliminary Plat Checklist

Adobe Acrobat PDF (135 Kb)

Property Maintenance Bond

Adobe Acrobat PDF (23 Kb)

Public Hearing Application and Filing Procedures

Adobe Acrobat PDF (653 Kb)

Request For New Address

Adobe Acrobat PDF (871 Kb)

Residential Individual Lot Site Plan Requirements

Adobe Acrobat PDF (82 Kb)

Road Abandonment Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (848 Kb)

Single Family Residential Tree Density Worksheets

Adobe Acrobat PDF (16 Kb)

Site Engineering Design Checklist

Adobe Acrobat PDF (184 Kb)

Standard Arborist Plan Details

Adobe Acrobat PDF (656 Kb)

Standard Civil Plan Details

Adobe Acrobat PDF (3.9 Mb)

Storm System As-Built Checklist

Adobe Acrobat PDF (32 Kb)

Stormwater Engineering Design Checklist

Adobe Acrobat PDF (140 Kb)

Traffic Engineering Checklist

Adobe Acrobat PDF (112 Kb)

Tree Removal Permit Application

Adobe Acrobat PDF (150 Kb)

More files & downloads


Planning & Zoning Department:   Main Line: 678-297-6070

Michael Woodman, Zoning Administrator  Direct Line: 678-297-6076

Robert Strachler, Civil Engineer   Direct Line: 678-297-6218

Eric Graves, Senior Engineer - Development Services    Direct Line: 678-297-6220

David Shostak, City Arborist   Direct Line: 678-297-6229

Bret Schroeder, Design Review Board   Direct Line: 678-297-6088

Richard McLeod, Senior Planner (Public Hearings) Direct Line: 678-297-6072

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