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Departmental Overview

The citizens of Alpharetta have entrusted to us public resources and empowered us to protect, invest, and leverage them for the good and betterment of the community. We shall do so in a manner that reflects the highest ethics, exacting standards, and unwavering principles.

Recommended Annual Operating and Capital Budget 2015 ( line-item detail ) New

Annual Operating and Capital Budget (narrative) New

Annual Citizens Report 

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Financial Management Reports

Functions include the following:

facilitates the success of the operating divisions through oversight, staff support, internal and public advocacy
provides fiduciary oversight and support to our various departments and communicates the financial health of the city to the Mayor, City Council, and stakeholders
develops, manages, and facilitates proper internal control procedures
manages and facilitates the cash investment and debt management functions

Accounting & Operations:
records the city’s financial transactions
financial reporting and disbursement activities
manages and produces financial statements in accordance with GAAP
comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
monthly financial management reports
manages and facilitates the capital asset program (recording, surplus, etc.)
manages and facilitates payroll

manages and facilitates the provision of a competitive benefits package to help attract and retain the best employees

Budget & Procurement:
 manages and facilitates the financial transaction lifecycle (liaison to our departments)
 budget planning, preparation, and management
purchasing (including quotes, bids, RFP, etc.)
 invoice/payment verification and processing
manages and facilitates the city’s financial reporting
annual budget documents
monthly financial management reports
annual citizens report (PAFR)
administers city contracts
develops revenue/expenditure forecasting models, financial Impact of proposed city activities, and long-range financial planning
manages and facilitates the city’s ICMA performance measurement program

Treasury Services:
 manages and facilitates the billing, collection and processing of city revenues
property taxes, sanitation, hotel/motel taxes, etc
manages and facilitates cash management

Risk Management:
 manages and facilitates the risk management program
 provide training programs and instruction to ensure a safe and healthy workplace
structure insurance program to protect city assets at reasonable premium rates


Phone: (678) 297-6060
Fax: (678) 297-6063
Customer Service
Phone: (678) 297-6060
Fax: (678) 297-6064
Finance Director
Thomas G. Harris
Phone: 678-297-6094
Fax: 678-297-6063
Phone: (678) 297-6052
Fax: (678) 297-6093
Phone: (678) 297-6060
Fax: (678) 297-6061


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