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The Department of Information Technology is organized into four divisions under the direction of the Director of Information Technology - Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Network Systems, Application Systems, and Telecommunication Systems.

The Director of Information Technology oversees all functions of the Department and interacts on a daily basis with the City’s top level management and elected officials.  Management and administrative functions for the Department include strategic planning, project management, budgeting, purchasing, accounting, contract administration, and human resources.

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division consists of the GIS Manager and a GIS Coordinator.  The GIS division is responsible for maintaining the City’s GIS systems and base-map information, and coordinating with City Departments for their use and implementation of GIS systems and technology.  The GIS division is also responsible in working with the applications systems division in providing data base administration.

The Network Systems Division consists of the Network Manager, Network Analysts, and IT Systems Administrators who provide network technology systems support to all City offices and departments. This includes support for desktop computers, printers, and public safety systems.  The network systems team also manages the City’s data centers, internet services, enterprise data management, email systems support, archiving, and virtualization technologies.

The Application Systems Division consists of the Application Systems Manager, and Systems Analysts who provide support to all City offices and departments. This includes business application support, implementation and upgrades to all applications such as tax, financial/human resources, public safety, judicial systems, engineering and public works, community development, recreation and parks, and other major systems.  The application systems division also coordinates with the network systems division in deploying and maintaining support for data center virtualization technologies including enterprise data management.

The Telecommunication Systems Division consists of the Telecommunication Manager. The telecommunications systems division is responsible for the management and deployment of all telephony and wireless communications systems for the City of Alpharetta.

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