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THE CITY OF ALPHARETTA PRIDES ITSELF on the quality relationship that exists between local businesses and the community. An excellent example of such a relationship is evident in the Downtown Alpharetta Partner's Program.

The City of Alpharetta has worked diligently over the past several years to develop a user friendly approach to the licensing and permitting process. It is our sincere desire to make the process of starting your business as simple as possible while also maintaining our commitment to protecting the aesthetic and economic wellbeing of Alpharetta in accordance with our community’s development plan. The City of Alpharetta prides itself on the quality relationship that exists between local businesses, our residents, and our leadership. The result of that pride and the commitment we have made to communicating it through our every action is evident in the quality businesses that have chosen to make Alpharetta home. We are excited that you have elected to invest your future in our community. This guide was developed in an attempt to aid you in starting your new business in Alpharetta. While it certainly does not answer all of the questions that you are sure to have over the next few months, it does provide information on who you can turn to to find those answers. Additionally, it will guide you through the process of obtaining the necessary licenses and permits to operate in Alpharetta. Thank you for making your business investment here. If we can be of any assistance to you as you locate and operate your business, we hope that you will not hesitate to contact Peter Tokar at (678) 297-6075 or email

In addition, the Community Development Department offers a brochure entitled "How to Start a Business in Alpharetta." The brochure serves as an informational guide to small business start-up and includes processes, guidelines, and additional resources. To obtain a brochure, or for more information, please contact Peter Tokar (678) 297-6075 or click here to download.

Yet another source of information is the U.S. Government's Small Business Administration which is an excellent resource for small businesses. Contact the SBA at (404) 347-2441 or via the Internet at

If you encounter questions during startup and need assistance, contact the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce at (770) 993-8806.

Download Business Licensing Procedure

Additional Resources

Business Licenses:
Alpharetta (678) 297-6086
Fulton County (404) 730-7602
Child Care Licensing (404) 657-5562

Other Licenses:
Food Service Permits
Fulton County Health Department (770) 640-3053

Alcoholic Beverage Licenses: City of  Alpharetta (678) 297-6306
Fulton County (404) 730-7720

General Tax Information:
Alpharetta (678) 297-6056
Fulton County (404) 730-6400
General Information (404) 651-8651
Federal ID Number (404) 522-0050
Federal Tax Information (800) 829-3676
Internal Revenue Service (800) 829-1040

Payroll Tax:
State Withholding (404) 656-4071
Federal Withholding (404) 522-0050

Information Resources:
Small Business Administration (404) 529-9865
Small Business Development Center (404) 413-7830
Fulton County Planning Department (404) 730-8000

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