Lawn Irrigation 3

Be Water Wise And Have A Beautiful Lawn

Released July 08, 2016 03:27 PM

Giving an average Alpharetta lawn 1 inch of water each week requires 6,788 to 13,577 gallons per week. That can add up to more than 176,000 gallons per average household during the peak watering months of June, July, and August.

Here are a few tips to reduce the amount of water you need to use while still keeping a landscape you can be proud of.

  • Choose the right kind of grass. The two most common grasses used in Alpharetta lawns are Bermuda and Zoysia, both of which require less water than most other types of sod.In fact, Bermuda can go without water for up to 8 weeks and Zoysia for up to 4 without substantial harm.


  • Don’t make the lawn bigger than you need. Trees and planting beds require less water than grass while bringing shade and visual interest to your landscape.


  • Water at the right time. There is no point in watering your lawn after 10:00 AM, as most of the water will evaporate. The best time to water is early in the morning so that more water sinks into the ground where plants can drink it in.


  • Water less frequently but for longer periods.Instead of watering for 15 minutes every other day, water your lawn once each week for about an hour. The roots of your grass will grow deeper, making your lawn healthier and less needy for water.


  • Water in the right places.No matter how much you water them neither your driveway nor the street in front of your house is going to grow, so just stop it. Too, remember that you do not need to water planting beds as much as your lawn.


  • Do not run your irrigation system when it is raining. Seriously . . . do we really need to explain this one? Rain sensors are cheap and can be easily added to most irrigation systems that do not already have them.