Public Input Needed On Proposed Alpharetta Ordinance Revision

Released July 12, 2016 03:52 PM

The City of Alpharetta is seeking input from the public on proposed updates to the community’s stormwater ordinance, the document that regulates how rainwater must be managed on development sites and other properties.

In suburban communities throughout North Georgia stormwater management typically relied upon large pits, often referred to as “dry ponds”.  The ponds dot the landscape and can be found in most residential neighborhoods in Alpharetta.  They are, however, unsightly and can be costly to maintain.

Detention ponds, however, are only one of many available methods for managing stormwater.  With the latest update to its stormwater ordinance, the City of Alpharetta wants to encourage developers and property owners to take advantage of the variety of management tools and practices available to them; many of which can result in more attractive developments and lower maintenance costs.

A summary of suggested changes to the code titled “Advancing Smart Stormwater Design in Alpharetta Code Barrier Report” is currently available on the City of Alpharetta website,  Residents, designers, developers, and property owners are encouraged to review the document and provide their feedback by August 12, 2016 using a comment form that is also available on the website.

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