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Alpharetta Driving For National Title

Released July 15, 2016 01:31 PM

Alpharetta needs to gain 35 yards to win a national title, and our team is pushing hard to get across the goal line!

But this action is not happening on a football field, and the yards we need are not marked with white chalk.  The type of yard needed is the yard surrounding your house.

Alpharetta needs just thirty-five more residents to certify their yards as a wildlife habitat in order for the City to be designated as a Community Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.  One hundred sixty-five Alpharetta residents, as well as eight schools and seventeen other properties in the City, have already certified their yards; so, the goal line is not that far away.

In addition to certifying their yards as habitats, Alpharetta residents have been busy during the past two years completing community projects and attending workshops that lead to the improved use of green space to support pollinators and other neighborhood-friendly animals.  All these activities are part of the process for becoming a Community Wildlife Habitat.  Fewer than one hundred communities in the United States have achieved this designation, including four in Georgia: Roswell, Milton, Johns Creek and Chamblee.

You can help Alpharetta score a wildlife habitat touchdown by certifying your yard at  Certification is easy, and simply means that your yard has trees, shrubs or plants and other features that support wildlife.

More information about Alpharetta’s Wild Side, the name of the City’s initiative, is available at