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Alpharetta Seeks Input On How To Improve Webb Bridge Road

Released August 31, 2016 09:55 AM

The City of Alpharetta wants to improve the operation and safety of Webb Bridge Road and is asking residents and others who frequent the roadway to participate in creating a plan to make that happen.  On Tuesday the City released an online survey designed to identify citizens’ concerns and ideas for improving the road.  The survey is available at

“It is important that the planning process begins with gaining an understanding of the issues, concerns, and preferences of those who live along the corridor and those who frequently travel Webb Bridge Road,” said Assistant City Administrator James Drinkard.  “It is not uncommon that hard data like traffic counts tell a story that is very different from what citizens are experiencing on a daily basis.  Hearing their comments and understanding their perceptions is critical to identifying and creating effective solutions.”

Traffic engineers point to the fact that traffic counts on Webb Bridge and adjoining streets indicate that the number of cars traversing them each day has changed very little over the past several years.  That stands in stark contrast, however, to the amount of congestion on those same roads during peak commute times.

“To a motorist sitting in that traffic, it does not matter that the volume of traffic has not changed,” says Drinkard.  “What matters is that it takes longer for them to drive home or it is harder to turn out of their neighborhood.  If you look only at the traffic counts, the hard data, you miss a big part of the story and probably will not arrive at the right way to fix the problem.”

Information from the online survey and a planned series of public input sessions and design charrettes will all be used by Alpharetta’s planners and engineers to create updated designs and improvements for Webb Bridge Road.

The public has until October 1 to complete the survey.