Alpharetta Receives International Recognition for Emergency Dispatch Practices

Released January 20, 2017 01:12 PM

The City of Alpharetta’s 911 Communication Center is taking center stage by achieving the highest distinction in emergency connection services. The city recently became one of six emergency contact centers in the world to earn Tri-ACE Certification, issued by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED).

The International Academies of Emergency Dispatch, IAED, is known as the world’s premier standard-setting and certification organization for emergency communication centers. Their goal is to strengthen the emergency and first-responder dispatch community through education, certification, and accreditation.


This honor from IAED represents that Alpharetta’s 911 Center provides a uniformly high-level of quality in the disciplines of medical, fire, and police dispatch. The areas of criteria include customer/patient care, deploying the right resources to a scene, and dispatching those resources very quickly with minimal errors.

“The most important job that the city has is providing professional responses in emergencies,” said Alpharetta Council Member Jim Gilvin, who serves as the Public Safety liaison.  “That response starts with a call or text to our 911 center, and the folks who answer those calls are just incredible; amazingly talented professionals doing a stressful and challenging job.  We are proud of our 911 team and of the recognition that comes to them through this certification.”

IAED is the only organization dedicated to the professionalism, science, and standards of emergency dispatch. The membership and certification from IAED adds value to the city’s communication center by providing an internationally identified and professional recognition.

“In terms of public safety, police officers and firefighters are who the public typically think of, but 911 operators are truly the key,” said Alpharetta Director of Public Safety, Gary George.  “Not only do they determine what resources we send to a scene, but they are the voice in the dark that talks a citizen through that emergency, keeps them calm enough to provide us with needed information, and even guides them through first aid or other measures they need to take until professionals arrive.  These folks are truly lifesavers, and ours are literally among the best in the world.”

IAED boasts over 57,000 members in 45 countries and is comprised of three allied academies for medical, fire, and police dispatching.