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Delivery Of Glass Recycling Bins Starts November 13

Released October 31, 2017 02:00 PM

In preparation for the return of residential glass recycling on December 5, Alpharetta residents will soon receive their new 18-gallon bins for collection of glass recyclables.  Republic Services, the city’s waste and recycling vendor, will be delivering the bins to customers November 13 through 18.  Alpharetta’s residential waste and recycling customers will receive their glass recycling bins during that week on their normal trash collection day.

Residents who do not want to receive a glass recycling bin can request that a bin not be delivered to them by visiting and submitting a very short form.

Earlier this year recyclers began advising local governments that they would soon stop accepting single-stream recycling that includes glass items.  While cardboard and paper are considered valuable by recycling companies, glass can damage recycling equipment, produce shards that can injure workers, and has a poor cost to revenue ratio to recycle.  Because of this, many recycling companies are now rejecting glass from their recycling stream and instead ship it to landfills.  Some continue to accept glass recyclables but only if they are separated from other recyclable items before being placed at curbside for pickup.

To comply with the requirements of recycling companies, glass items must be completely separated from other recyclables.  Residential customers will be required to place glass items in a dedicated 18-gallon plastic bin while paper, plastic and other recyclables will be placed in their current recycling carts.  An additional truck, which will collect only glass, will be added to each service route.