Rucker And Mayfield Roads To Close For Summer Construction

Released May 14, 2018 09:49 AM
Rucker And Mayfield Road Projects Detour Plan (Download PDF)

Motorists traveling through Alpharetta will have two fewer roads to use to reach their destination this summer.  The City of Alpharetta will close Rucker Road and a large section of Mayfield Road so that bridges and culverts can be replaced.  The closures will begin May 29 and are expected to remain in place until August 5.

Only residents who live within the closure area will be able to access the impacted sections of the road.

Rucker And Mayfield Road Projects Detour Plan

Rucker Road will be closed from the Alpharetta city limits near Houze Road / SR 140 to Wills Road.  The closure will allow for the replacement of one of two bridges and for additional construction work that is part of a planned $18.5 million improvement project.  A similar closure will be in effect along Rucker Road for the summer of 2019.

“Aside from the bridge replacements making the closure of Rucker Road absolutely necessary, closing the roadway will allow us to complete a 3-year construction project in about a year-and-a-half,” explains Alpharetta Director of Public Works Pete Sewczwicz.  “No matter how we do the work there will be an inconvenience to the public, but this will let us get through the project and out of everyone’s way a lot faster.”

Mayfield Road will be closed from Bethany Road to Canton Street so that a culvert at Foe Killer Creek can be replaced.  While the City hopes to have that project completed ahead of schedule, Sewczwicz cautions that ensuring the work does not negatively impact the creek or surrounding properties will make the project take longer than normal.

He also explained that there is not sufficient space along either road in which to install temporary bridges so that the roads can remain open while permanent replacements are built.

Motorists who use Rucker Road as part of their daily commute are encouraged to instead detour down Houze Road / SR 140 to Hembree Road to State Route 9.  Alternatively, they can travel Crabapple Road / SR372 to Charlotte Drive to Mid Broadwell Road; however, other construction projects in the area are likely to result in heavier than usual delays along that path.

To get around the Mayfield Road closure motorists should detour along Mid Broadwell Road / Milton Avenue using either Bethany Road or Canton Street.

“These closures will significantly inconvenience residents who live along Rucker and Mayfield as well as a large number of commuters who travel to and from Alpharetta from Cherokee and Cobb Counties,” said Sewczwicz.  “Unfortunately, that is unavoidable, so the best thing we can do is push through these projects and get the roads reopened as quickly as possible.  In the meantime, we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.”