Streetlight Conversion Project Begins March 4

Released March 01, 2019 05:51 PM
Beginning on Monday, March 4 utility contractors working for Georgia Power will begin a 6-month project to convert streetlights throughout Alpharetta from older high-pressure sodium lamps to energy efficient LED lighting.  At the completion of the project, nearly 3,000 streetlights in the City will have been upgraded.

Crews performing the work will be in vehicles marked “Georgia Power Contractor” and will have identification available.

While a key benefit of the move to LED lighting fixtures is improved energy efficiency and resulting cost savings for Alpharetta taxpayers, the newer technology will also place more light onto streets and sidewalks with little or no stray light trespassing onto adjacent properties.  The change will also enable the use of network lighting controls that provide for proactive maintenance and repair scheduling, which will mean fewer non-working lights.

Crews will begin the conversion focused on replacing pedestrian light fixtures, sometimes called “post tops,” working through three geographic zones.  Referencing the map below, work will begin in areas marked Zone 2 and then proceed to Zone 1 and Zone 3.  Once conversion of all post top lights is completed, crews will begin converting larger streetlights, sometimes referred to as “cobras” or “mongooses,” to the new LED standard.

It is important to note that only pedestrian and streetlights along public streets will undergo conversion.  Lights on private property, around neighborhood amenity areas, or along private streets will not be impacted.  Property owners and HOAs serviced by Georgia Power that have interest in converting their lights to LED fixtures should contact Georgia Power directly to discuss a conversion project.

The City of Alpharetta is also working with Sawnee EMC on a similar conversion project for lights serviced by that utility provider.  A schedule for that project has not yet been released.

Georgia Power LED Conversion Project - Post Top Map