Expect Travel Delays

Travel Delays On Bethany And Mid Broadwell Roads June 11 - 13

Released June 05, 2020 02:40 PM
Expect heavy travel delays on Bethany and Mid Broadwell Roads from June 11 thru 13 as crews lower a section of roadway for a roundabout being constructed at the intersection.  Vehicular travel on Bethany Road between Mid Broadwell and Chelsey Lane will be reduced to a single lane from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM each day.  Motorists are strongly urged to avoid the area.

On the morning of June 11 construction crews will begin demolition of the existing northbound roadway section, and all traffic will be shifted to the single southbound lane.  Once demolition is complete, a stone aggregate base will be put in place, and traffic will be shifted to the northbound travel lane.  The same process will then be completed on the southbound lane.

On Friday, June 12 construction crews will place the final layer of graded aggregate base in each direction of travel and fine grade it.  During that time, traffic will be flagged into the open lane of travel running on the stone surface.  The placement of the final graded aggregate base layers is expected to be completed by the end of Friday.

Finally, on Saturday, June 13, crews will undertake paving operations, applying the asphalt base and binder to the roadway.  Once those activities are completed, traffic patterns on Bethany Road will return to their normal operations.

This schedule may be altered if unfavorable weather conditions occur.

Map with area of lane closure highlighted

Illustration of completed roundabout