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Alpharetta Grant Program Supports Families Impacted BY COVID-19

Released October 20, 2020 10:28 AM
Vulnerable Population Program Grant Application Packet - Printable

The economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic continue to be felt by individuals in families across the nation, and living in Alpharetta does not provide immunity from feeling that harsh reality.  In an effort to address the issue, the City of Alpharetta has launched its Vulnerable Population Grant Program and is currently accepting applications from not-for-profit agencies that provide certain services to support Alpharetta families who are suffering significant hardship due to the pandemic.

“For months we have wanted to do something to provide support to Alpharetta residents who are facing unprecedented hardship because of the pandemic, and now that Fulton County has finally released to the cities the federal CARES Act monies we should have had all along, we have the financial ability to do that,” said Alpharetta Mayor Jim Gilvin.  “And, while the City does not have expertise in operating the types of assistance programs many families need at this time, we have outstanding not-for-profit agencies in North Fulton that do and with that can help a lot of families with our financial support.”

Funding through the grant can be used to reimburse eligible expenses incurred by an established and eligible not-for-profit after March 27, 2020.  Eligible expenses include providing direct assistance to Alpharetta residents who have lost employment since March 27, 2020; providing direct assistance to individuals that have been financially hindered by reduced working hours since March 27, 2020; or providing assistance to those who are part of a vulnerable population that has suffered additional burdens because of the COVID pandemic.

The focus of the program will be overdue rent and mortgage assistance; utility assistance; food and nutrition; childcare; distance learning support; or other unforeseen financial/ emergency needs of the community.  It may also focus on providing group community services such as food kitchens or pantries for the same population as mentioned above and/or may also focus on organizations that provide mental health services for vulnerable individuals.  To be eligible for reimbursement under the grant program, expenses associated with these services must have been incurred providing support to individuals and families living within the Alpharetta City Limits.

Priority for awards through the will be given to agencies with a physical location in Alpharetta and that have a record of serving the greater Alpharetta / North Fulton communities.  The Alpharetta Vulnerable Population Grant Program is not designed for new programs or start-up efforts.

Applications for the Alpharetta Vulnerable Population Grant Program are currently being accepted from qualifying not-for-profit agencies, and the application period will remain open until funding is exhausted or the Mayor and City Council vote to end the program. 



Vulnerable Population Program Grant Application Packet - Printable