Story Map

Story Maps Provides Info On Road Construction And Other Projects

Released July 15, 2016 01:03 PM

Over the next few years Alpharetta residents and area commuters will see a marked increase in road construction and other public infrastructure projects throughout the city.  To help the public stay informed about those projects Alpharetta has introduced an interactive map tool called Story Maps to its website.

“We wanted to provide one central location where residents can find information on all of the public construction projects we have going on,” said Alpharetta Public Works Director Pete Sewczwicz.  “To make it easy to use, it needed to be map based so that anyone could quickly find projects that are close to their home, workplace, or along their commute route.  We could not just put a dot on a map, though, because residents want to know when construction will be happening and for how long they will be inconvenienced.”

Story Maps allows users to find construction or other City projects using either a map or a list.  Once a user identifies a project in which he or she is interested, they simply click on the dot on the map or on the name of the project in the list to see an explanation of the project, associated costs, construction dates, and a specific point of contact that can be called or emailed for more information.

“Information on each project will be updated at least quarterly and more frequently on larger or complex projects,” said Sewczwicz.  “Residents will even be able to view photos and in some cases videos of projects to see how things are progressing.”

To use the Story Map feature, visit the City of Alpharetta website ( and select the “City Projects” icon found in the list near the middle of the homepage.