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Use Of Consumer Fireworks Temporarily Banned Due To Drought

Released November 15, 2016 12:55 PM

In response to extreme fire danger resulting from current drought conditions, Governor Nathan Deal has ordered a total ban on the use of consumer fireworks.  The ban is effective in 110 Georgia counties, including Fulton, and will remain in effect until the Governor lifts the current drought declaration.

“This basically puts us back to the way things were before consumer fireworks were legalized in 2014,” explained Alpharetta Fire Marshall Drew Wade.  “Only approved professional fireworks displays will be allowed, and those will require the trained professionals to have fire extinguishers at the ready and will also require Alpharetta firefighters to be on site.”

According to Wade, the extreme drought in Georgia has created a situation in which most vegetation is like dry kindling.  Even a single errant ember can result in a rapidly moving fire that can threaten large amounts of property and impact public safety.

Over the past week area fire crews have responded to numerous brush fires around Metro Atlanta, and smoke from large wildfires in North Georgia, Tennessee, and the Carolinas has blanketed our area.  Aside from the damage to thousands of acres, the fires are having significant health impacts on those with respiratory and heart issues.

“The bottom line is that as long as we are dealing with this drought, the outdoor fire danger will be significant.  Consumer fireworks are now banned, but we would encourage citizens to be very careful with any outdoor activity that may produce a spark.  Even when using your grill or enjoying a backyard fire pit, keep a fire extinguisher within arms reach.