Sewer Maintenance

County To Perform Sewer Line Maintenance City-Wide Staring April 10

Released April 10, 2017 12:09 PM

Alpharetta residents may notice people accessing the sewer system in various parts of the city over the next several weeks as contractors working for Fulton County work to clear grease, roots, and other debris from the sewer lines.  Fulton County contracts with private companies to perform this work, so neither the workers nor their vehicles will display Fulton County logos.

All work being performed will be only on sewer system segments that are owned and maintained by the County.  Some areas of the system to be addressed may require that access to easements be gained via private property.  If there is any objection or conflict from a homeowner, the contractor will immediately move on from that location to another targeted location and report the issue to Fulton County.  A County representative will follow up on all citizen complaints and/or issues that may arise as a result of this work.

While the sewer maintenance work is in progress, residents may notice trucks and personnel accessing and working on the sewer system.  Each contractor will also gain access to water through a water hydrant located in the area where they are working.  The typical equipment required to complete the jobs includes water trucks, vactor trucks, hose trucks and associated trailers, loaders and mixers.

During the process of completing the work, it is possible that a hose, hose nozzle, or camera may become trapped in a sewer line and require excavation for removal.  While everything possible will be done to avoid these situations, any such instance will require a crew to dig up a line to remove the equipment.

Residents with questions or concerns about Fulton County’s sewer maintenance project should contact the project manager, Justyna Grinholc, at 404-613-8622.