Alpharetta Is First Georgia City to Receive Accreditation from AEDO

Released May 04, 2017 07:40 AM

Alpharetta was recently recognized by the Accredited Economic Development Organization with an AEDO qualification. This endorsement lends credibility to the city’s efforts towards growth and economic expansion. As a respected AEDO organization, Alpharetta becomes part of a group of distinguished, nationally known leadership municipalities.


Alpharetta Mayor, David Belle Isle, states, “Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our city leadership, economic development initiatives and programming, as well as partners in the community, The City of Alpharetta has built upon its culture of innovation and high-tech heritage by broadening our technology and community landscape. The AEDO certification is a testament that we have built an Alpharetta for all. Balancing business with community.”


While other establishments have been endorsed by the AEDO, Alpharetta is the first city to be approved in Georgia. To acquire the accreditation, officials created a strategic plan focusing on the main components that have contributed to progress in Alpharetta including enhancing the downtown space with the new City Center, the financial incentives offered that attract new businesses, and the area’s more than 20 million square feet of constructed office space. Alpharetta’s image also was a key component, with developments like Avalon and the proposed Alpha Loop enhancing the overall representation of the region. By bringing these successful companies, events, and new residents to the area, the city continues to advance with both tech-focused and commercial growth.


To determine approval, AEDO starts with a detailed organizational assessment examining internal and external operations including procedures and structures. Next, the certification process is conducted in two phases, the documentation review and a site team visit.


Peter Tokar, Economic Development Director for the City of Alpharetta, explains, “We are very excited to be recognized as an Accredited Economic Development Organization.  The accreditation is not only a badge of honor, it communicated both internally and externally that our economic development programming is headed in the right direction.”


Communities that are recognized by the AEDO are known as leading authorities on business progression and economic issues, and therefore benefit from enhanced visibility within the community and beyond. Credibility with stakeholders, including business and political leaders, funders, and clients also increases, fostering growth and advancement. Alpharetta is now one of AEDO’s 57 members and will go through the reaccreditation process every three years by submitting detailed materials for review by the AEDO Committee.




About the Accredited Economic Development Organization (AEDO)


As an offering from the International Economic Development Council, a non-profit, non-partisan membership party serving fiscal developers, the Accredited Economic Development Organization (AEDO) program is designed to recognize and identify key agencies. These include state and local government development departments, local and regional public-private partnerships, and economic advancement departments of utilities that perpetuate financial growth and professional excellence.  Being a part of this elite group gives access to unparalleled networking and mentoring from leaders in the field, recognition throughout the community and nation, and participation in AEDO's annual conference.


About the City of Alpharetta


As Georgia’s 12th largest city, Alpharetta has risen in popularity for both businesses and the population because of several key reasons. A commitment to progress and innovation, the robust infrastructure, proximity to the airport, and juxtaposition with other like-minded technology brands are clearly enticing for businesses. Families flock to Alpharetta for the picturesque neighborhoods, community mindfulness, and award-winning schools. The area continues to provide everything you would expect to find in a thriving metropolitan city while continuing to be an ideal environment for raising families, making friends, and enjoying a quality of life that is second to none.