Waggy World Dog Park

“Bark in the Park” Input Meeting to Discuss Enhancements to Wills Park’s Waggy World

Released August 24, 2018 02:57 PM

Council Member Jason Binder Hosts “Bark in the Park” Input Meeting to Discuss Enhancements to Wills Park’s Waggy World


Alpharetta’s Wills Park is undergoing a master planning process, and many improvements and enhancements to the beloved 120-acre downtown park are being discussed with local residents.


Council Member Jason Binder, liaison to the Recreation, Parks & Cultural Services Department, is hosting an input meeting on Thursday, August 30 at 6:30 PM at City Hall to discuss the timeline and process, as well as to reassure residents that the dog park is not only staying in Wills Park, it is being improved and possibly expanded.


Wills Park has many elements, including sport fields, tennis courts, trails, playgrounds, and a dog park, affectionately named Waggy World, located in the north east quadrant of the park.


“During the master planning process the overall park design is created by landscape architects with the community’s input. The specific features of each element of the park will be created with the direct input of those who use them most,” said Jason Binder, City of Alpharetta Council Member. “I look forward to developing the improvements to Waggy World with the members of our community who use this treasured feature of Wills Park.”


Timeline of the Master Planning Process for Wills Park:

  • Thursday, August 30, 6:30 PM – Input about Waggy World with Council Member Jason Binder
  • Tuesday, September 11, 7:00 PM-Recreation Commission Meeting
  • Monday, September 17, 6:30 PM – City Council Workshop

*These dates are subject to change, based on community input and engagement.


All of the above meetings take place at the Alpharetta City Hall.

For questions, please email jbinder@alpharetta.ga.us