City Wants To Discuss Plans For Webb Bridge Road / Academy Street Corridor

Released October 03, 2018 03:34 PM

The City of Alpharetta is hosting two Community Conversations for the purpose of discussing with the public plans for improving the Webb Bridge Road / Academy Street Corridor.  The sessions will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, October 10 and 11 at Alpharetta City Hall beginning at 7:00 PM.

The October 10 meeting will focus on the section of the corridor located between North Point Parkway and State Route 120.  The session on October 11 will focus on the area between Westside Parkway and State Route 9.

The focus of the meetings will be on plans for design of the roadway and bicycle and pedestrian amenities that have been refined from concepts developed in 2017 through a series of public input meetings and preference surveys.  Since those concepts were last discussed with corridor residents, the City’s consultants have been refining the plans based on available right-of-way, topography, and other variables.  The meetings will provide an opportunity for residents to provide their thoughts and pose questions about the refined plans.

“We started with the concepts that the public helped to create and then looked at how they could be applied to Webb Bridge Road and Academy Street given the conditions and limitations that exist in the field,” stated Alpharetta Public Works Director Pete Sewczwicz.  “While the basic concept has not changed, we did find that conditions on the ground will constrain what can be done much more than was originally thought.”

According to Sewczwicz, the primary goals of the project remain reducing vehicle travel speeds, improving safe access to and from neighborhoods, improving bicycle and pedestrian amenities, and enhancing the aesthetic of the corridor.

“The City views Webb Bridge Road and Academy Street as neighborhood collectors, which means the focus is on the residents of the neighborhoods along the corridor,” Sewczwicz explained.  “There are also multiple schools along that road, so our designs are intended to support the needs of residents while discouraging use by pass-through commuters.”