Agreement Reached - News Item

Alpharetta Inks New Agreement On McGinnis Ferry Road Project

Released July 23, 2020 01:45 PM
The Alpharetta City Council entered into a new agreement this week committing to additional funding for the widening of a section of McGinnis Ferry Road that extends from Ronald Regan Parkway to Sargent Road.  The nearly $61 million project is being jointly funded by Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Forsyth County, and the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Under the new agreement each city will increase its funding commitment from $5.9 million to $8.9 million, Forsyth County will contribute $23 million, and the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) will fund the remaining $19.8 million.

“This is an expensive project, and it could not be accomplished without the involvement of all our partners,” said Alpharetta Mayor Pro Tem Donald Mitchell.  “As McGinnis Ferry is not part of the state highway system, I especially want to thank GDOT, GDOT Commissioner Russell McMurry, and State Senator Brandon Beech for their commitment and investment of state funds.  Time and again they have come to the table to help improve transportation in Alpharetta and our region, and we cannot thank them enough for their help and support.  Our region’s GDOT Board Member, Kevin Abel, and Rudy Bowen, the Vice Chair of the GDOT Board, have also been instrumental in bringing this project from the drawing board to reality.”

Negotiations have been ongoing between the partners since 2017, with funding being the main stumbling block to advancing the project.

In December 2019 the four parties entered into an agreement that left a funding gap of $11 million.  It allowed design of the project to continue and the acquisition of needed right-of-way to begin while additional funding sources were identified and secured.  At the time, each city committed to funding $5.9 million, Forsyth County would provide $18 million, and GDOT committed $10 million.

As was the case under the previous agreement, Forsyth County will serve as the lead agency for the project and will provide day-to-day management of project contractors and the construction process.  While the County will also be responsible for securing property appraisals for required right-of-way, each City will be responsible for negotiating right-of-way acquisitions within their borders.

The current project schedule calls for right-of-way acquisition to begin immediately and be completed by March 2022.  A timeline for completion of the full project has not yet been released.