Ped Scramble News Graphic

Downtown Intersection Getting Scrambled

Released June 18, 2021 01:43 PM
Pedestrians in Downtown Alpharetta will soon have a new way to cross the street at the intersection of Milton Avenue and Roswell/Canton Street.  During their June 7 meeting the City Council approved a contract for the design and construction of a “pedestrian scramble” at that location.

A pedestrian scramble, or “Barnes Dance,” is an exclusive pedestrian traffic signal interval that stops all vehicular movement to allow pedestrians access to cross in any direction at the intersection, including diagonally.  If you are on foot, you simply get to the intersection, press the walk button and wait for the current green light cycle for cars to complete.  Then all the traffic lights go to red, and the walk signs in all directions light up.  You can then cross straight, left, right, or even diagonally without concern for car traffic because no vehicular movement is permitted.

Because a pedestrian scramble eliminates the typical concurrent pedestrian phases at an intersection, motorists also benefit as car traffic can make left or right turns when they have a green light without being blocked by pedestrians in the crosswalk.

While the new crosswalk configuration will be a first for Alpharetta, several pedestrian scrambles can be found around Metro Atlanta.  Since 2015 pedestrian scramble intersection have been unveiled at intersections in Atlanta, Chamblee, and Dunwoody.

The $103,160 contract for the design and construction of Alpharetta’s pedestrian scramble in Alpharetta was awarded to Brooks-Berry-Haynie and Associates.  Once the contract documents have been finalized and signed by all parties, work on the scramble will begin immediately.  It is anticipated that the design and construction will be completed within 150 days thereafter.