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New 943 Area Code Comes To Alpharetta Area March 15

Released March 14, 2022 03:15 PM

To ensure a continuing supply of new telephone numbers, the Georgia Public Service Commission has approved an all-services area code overlay for the 404/470/678/770 area code overlay region, which serves the metropolitan area of Atlanta and surrounding communities such as Alpharetta, Duluth, Dunwoody, East Point, Forest Park, Gainesville, Griffin, Lawrenceville, Mableton, Marietta, Peachtree City, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Smyrna and Tucker. The new 943 area code will serve the same geographic area currently served by the existing 404/470/678/770 area codes. 


Beginning March 15, 2022, customers in the 404, 470, 678 and 770 area code overlay region may be assigned a number in the new 943 area code when they request new service or an additional line.  The telephone numbers and area codes of customers who are not starting a new service, adding a telephone line, or requesting to change their existing telephone number will not be changed.


The 943 area code will co-exist everywhere in this region with the 404, 470, 678 and 770 area codes. Customers receiving a 943 area code will be required to dial the area code and phone number for all local calls, just as customers with telephone numbers from the 404, 470, 678 and 770 area codes do today.


To ensure continuity of services, it is suggested that residents ensure that all services, automatic dialing equipment, or other types of equipment recognize the new 943 area code as a valid area code and continue to store or program telephone numbers as 10-digit numbers.  Some examples of devices that should be checked are: stored telephone numbers in contact lists in wireless phones, PBXs, fax machines, Internet dial-up numbers, speed dialers, call forwarding settings, voicemail services, medical alert devices, safety alarm security systems and gates, or other similar equipment.