A Going Away News Graphic

“The A” In Downtown Is Going Away

Released August 16, 2022 02:00 PM
The prominent “A” at the corner of Milton Avenue and Canton Street in Downtown Alpharetta . . . some love it, some hate it, there is certainly no missing it, and lately, everyone has wanted the City to do something about it as its condition deteriorated.

Last month, the City acquired full ownership of the artwork and began the process of deciding what should be done with it.

Unfortunately, what we found is that the piece had not been constructed to be a long-term art installation.  It was constructed of untreated plywood, and its once vibrant colors were created using a lower-grade paint.  As a result, “The A” is in a condition in which repainting and repairing it is not a viable, cost-effective option.

So, on Wednesday, August 17, “The A” will go away.

What will replace it?  Will it be the location of a new, permanent art installation?  Will it, instead, be added to the locations used for our curated temporary public art program?  Will a new version of “The A” be created that is constructed to be and maintained as a long-term art installation?
We do not yet know the answer to those questions.  City Council has asked for the Alpharetta Arts Commission to consider them and bring forward a recommendation.  So, stay tuned to learn what comes next.