New Alcohol Licenses



Step 1:  City of Alpharetta Pre-Application Meeting

Schedule an in-person, virtual or phone pre-application meeting with the City of Alpharetta’s Code Enforcement team.  During this appointment, the applicant will explain the intent of their application and the type of alcoholic beverage license they are requesting.  Applicants will need to bring a COMPLETED draft of the City of Alpharetta’s alcohol beverage license application for City Staff to conduct an initial review.  City Staff will address any missing information from your application and determine if any additional action is required prior to submitting your application. 


Please call 678-297-6086 or email to schedule a pre-application meeting.

Step 2:  Apply Online

All applicants for new alcohol licenses and special events permits will begin their alcohol license application by visiting the Georgia Tax Center website at:

On the website above, applicants will either “Register a New Georgia Business” or “Register an Existing Business.”

For more information on registering a new or existing business and submitting a new alcohol license application through the State’s online portal, please see this attachment: How to Register a Retail Alcohol License Account

Please note: State alcohol licensing fees are due at the time of registration.

Step 3: Pay City of Alpharetta Alcohol Licensing Fees

As part of the alcohol license application on the State’s online portal, applicants will be asked to review the local alcohol licensing payment information.  Once you have submitted your online application through the State’s online portal, applicants must submit the license fees directly to the City of Alpharetta.

For initial applications, the City of Alpharetta accepts payment in person, by credit card or by check (money orders, cashier’s check, or certified check). Please make all checks payable to: City of Alpharetta.

To set up online payment by credit card, please call the City of Alpharetta Code Enforcement Office at 678-297-6086. Please note that a 3% processing fee is charged to all credit card transactions. 

Step 4: Fingerprinting + Background Check

All applicants and registered agents must be fingerprinted by the Georgia Application Processing Services (GAPS).  

As your application is reviewed, a Code Enforcement Officer will provide you with more information on how to schedule your GAPS fingerprinting appointment.


Step 5: Fully Investigated and Finalized Applications are Forwarded to the City Clerk’s Office

Our Code Enforcement Office will conduct a full investigation of your application and review all supporting documentation.  If your application meets all of the City’s requirements, then your application will be forwarded to the City Clerk’s Office to be placed on an Alcohol License Public Hearing schedule.

The City Clerk’s Office will notify you of your public hearing date, place a sign on the property that is associated with the application, and will publish a notice in our legal organ, the Alpharetta-Roswell Herald.


Step 6: Alcohol License Public Hearing

All City of Alpharetta Alcohol License Public Hearings are conducted online via Zoom.  The applicant and/or registered agent must be present during the virtual hearing.  The meetings are conducted by the City Clerks Office and the City Attorney, and your assigned Code Enforcement Officer will also be present during the hearing.

This is a public meeting.  Any member of the public is welcome to attend and provide comments on your application.  If your application is approved during the hearing, your application will then be heard and considered by the Mayor and City Council.


Step 7:  City Council Meeting

Once your application has been considered during an Alcohol License Public Hearing, the City Clerk and City Attorney will either bar your application from moving forward or will forward your application to the Mayor and City Council for final approval.

The City Clerk’s Office will schedule your application to be heard as part of the Consent Agenda during a future City Council meeting.  The applicant and/or registered agent must attend the City Council meeting in person.  Please check in with the City Clerk upon arriving.

City Council meetings are generally held the first, third, and fourth Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at Alpharetta City Hall, which is located at 2 Park Plaza, Alpharetta, Georgia 30009.


Step 8: Pick Up your Alcohol License

Once the application has been approved by the Mayor and City Council, you may visit the City of Alpharetta’s Code Enforcement Office the day after the scheduled City Council meeting to pick up a physical copy of your alcohol license.  The Code Enforcement Office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 p.m and is located in Alpharetta City Hall (2 Park Plaza, Alpharetta GA 30009).

The Code Enforcement Office will send an electronic copy of your license to the Georgia Department of Revenue through the Centralized Alcohol Licensing Portal.  

Step 9:  State of Georgia Alcohol License

After you have received your local City of Alpharetta alcohol license, please revisit your State application through the Georgia Tax Center website ( for further and final requirements needed to obtain your State alcohol license.


Step 10:  Employee Serving Permits are Required

All employees selling or serving alcoholic beverages are required to have an alcohol beverage serving permit.  Please schedule an appointment through the City of Alpharetta’s Public Safety Online Lobby by visiting:

Alcohol Beverage Serving Permits are $50.00 and may be paid by cash, credit card, and apple pay.  This permit cannot be paid by check.

Step 11: Alcohol Compliance Verification Forms Due Monthly

All establishments with a consumption on premises alcohol license must submit an Alcohol Compliance Verification Form and associated taxes to the City of Alpharetta Finance Department by the 20th day of each month. 

Download a copy of the Alcohol Compliance Verification Form

Please email your completed form to or mail to:

City of Alpharetta

Finance Department

2 Park Plaza

Alpharetta, GA 30009


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