Alpharetta is your community; the place where you raise your family, work, and enjoy your down time with friends.  This is your home, and the future of our community impacts you and your family directly.


Horizon 2040 is focused on drawing out the ideas and opinions of you and your neighbors to create a Comprehensive Plan that reflects what the residents of Alpharetta want this community to be.  Through a series of public workshops, online surveys, and other tools we will be working to make it easy for everyone to be part of this effort and to share their ideas in the ways that are most comfortable and convenient to each individual.


Watch below for information and links to upcoming workshops, surveys you can take, and other ways that you can play an active role in Horizon 2040 and creating the future of your community.


2nd Public Meeting - Online Survey Results

Survey Closed

1st Public Meeting - Online Survey Results

1st Public Meeting - Map Exercise Results

Survey Closed

Online Pre-Survey Results

Survey Closed

See Survey Results


Community Workshop 2

Tuesday, April 27, 2021
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
3625 Brookside Parkway
(Amenity Area)

Community Workshop 1

Held October 7

See Workshop Boards 1 - 6

See Workshop Boards 7 – 12