Required Inspections

The following inspections are minimum required during the project. Failure to call for an inspection may result in delays or require covered work to be uncovered for visual inspections:

1.  80% Inspection: Rough-in inspection to be completed before wiring or wiring methods is concealed. Overhead inspections to be completed before the installation of ceiling tiles or ceiling system. Firewalls to be viewed prior to insulation/cover. All required penetrations to be sealed and sprinkler head placement, spacing, and bracing will be inspected.

Partial 80%: Partial 80% inspections may be considered to accommodate building schedules.


2.  100% or Final Inspection: Verification of device placement, functional tests and placement of all fire and life safety systems, response time tests, required signage, egress, ADA requirements, a review of all installation documentation. To receive a 100%  Final, all construction must be completed.

3.  Fire Sprinkler Flow/Bucket Tests: For residential projects, a fire sprinkler flow/bucket test is required to have an inspector present to witness the test.

4.  Kitchen Hood Inspections: All commercial kitchen hoods are inspected in compliance with NFPA 96 and 17A.

5.  Acceptance Testing Inspections: At the request of the builder or the inspector, individual inspections of fire and life safety systems may be completed separate from the 100% Final inspection. This may include fire alarm tests, emergency lighting and egress, or ADA inspections.