Alpharetta Fire Corps


About Us


Alpharetta Fire Corps is a volunteer organization that supports the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety and the people who work, play, and reside in the City of Alpharetta.  If you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer your time and make a difference in your community, then Alpharetta Fire Corps may be for you. Fire Corps’ primary mission is to support firefighters at emergency scenes.  Fire Corps is always seeking citizens that are interested in making a difference in their community.  No prior experience is necessary; our members come from all walks of life and many had no previous exposure to the fire service.


There are two positions for Fire Corps volunteers:

Rehab Specialist – This position is at the core of what we do: supporting the firefighters of Alpharetta and surrounding communities when they are at an emergency scene.  Rehab Specialists perform a variety of tasks to support our firefighters.  When it’s hot, we cool them off.  When it’s cold, we warm them up.  We hydrate them, feed them, give them a place to rest, and refill their air packs.   This is a very rewarding position for those who want to serve but are not able or interested in becoming a firefighter. Rehab Specialists respond to AFD and mutual aid major incidents and attend weekly training on Monday nights.

Firefighter - Georgia recognizes two types of firefighters; a suppression or inside firefighter and a support, or outside, firefighter.  Fire Corps offers opportunities to become qualified as either type.

All members, regardless of position, may ride with AFD Career crews that are running emergency calls (fire, ems).  Those members in the Support Firefighter position must ride one shift per month. Suppression firefighters must ride two shifts per month.

Fire Corps members are supplied uniforms free of charge.  

Training –

Membership in Fire Corps offers many opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in emergency preparedness.  We train three Monday nights each.  At these drills, we practice with our equipment, simulate responding to different emergency scenarios, and maintain our 1st Responder skills.  This reinforces our basic rehab skills to keep us sharp.  We also regularly train with our firefighter/EMS partners to gain insight into their work and learn new knowledge and skills to better support them and our community.  Fire Corps training occurs on Monday nights, usually from 6:30 (1830 hrs.) until 8:30 (2030 hrs.) according to the following rotation:
  • 1st Monday is Rehab training,
  • 2nd Monday is a general membership meeting,
  • 3rd Monday is EMS/First Responder
  • 4th Monday various fire-service related topics( this training session is optional)

New members first learn all our equipment and supplies, where they’re located, and how to deploy them at an emergency scene.  Each new member is paired with an experienced person who helps them master the equipment and duties of a Rehab Specialist.  Active members who want to expand their knowledge of firefighting basics can enter a three-month Support Firefighter course and sit for the Georgia certification exam upon completion. After mastering these two previous roles, your options are flexible.  Most members chose to remain a volunteer firefighter.  Some Fire Corps members have pursued a full-time career as a firefighter.  

Membership Requirements-


To be eligible for membership, applicants must be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Possess a valid GA driver’s license
  • Clear a criminal background check and Drug screen
  • Work or Live in Alpharetta or proximity
  • GED or High School Diploma

Active membership requires a commitment.  Members are expected to attend training on a regular basis and to respond to emergency calls if needed.  We gauge our ability to respond when needed by how many members are scheduled for standby.  Active members are expected to sign up for at least four 12- hour standby shifts each month.  There are two 12-hour standby shifts every day, one from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm and the other from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am the next day.  Signing up for a standby shift means you will be available to respond if Fire Corps is activated. You do not need to go to a station for your shift, or even remain at home.  You can go about your personal business during your shift as long as you can break away from whatever you are doing and respond if Fire Corps is called out.   Members are free to sign up for additional standby shifts if they wish.



Application Process-


There are three main steps to the application process to join Fire Corps. 

The first step is to attend three initial meetings to get to know us and for us to get to know you.  These meetings are any of our regular Monday night training or membership meetings.  The three meetings do not have to be sequential Monday nights.

Once you have attended the three meetings, the second step is to complete several “pre-employment” forms.  There is a City of Alpharetta Application for Employment form, a Release of Information form, and you must obtain a copy of your 7-year driving history.  These documents will be used by the City to conduct a thorough background check (education, employment, criminal and driving record)

The third and final step, once you have passed the background check, is to complete a Drug screen and Physical exam.

Questions – Volunteer Recruiter