Greenway Extension Project - Project Timeline & Updates

Target Dates For Key Project Stages

Design Phase Complete:       2nd Quarter 2019

Right-Of-Way Acquisition:     4th Quarter 2019

Construction Start:                 1st Quarter 2020

Public Use By:                         3rd Quarter 2021

Total Project Completion:      4th Quarter 2021


Project Updates

Follow this blog for the latest information on the project.  Updates will be posted monthly, at a minimum, as well as when there are significant developments of interest to the public.

Project Updates:

Traffic Flow Changes - May 2020

by Krista McDowell | May 11, 2020

During the past month, clearing of the trail alignment has continued and the contractor has installed approximately 350 feet of storm drainage near the tunnel location. Additionally, the construction of two boardwalk sections have begun with the installation of helical piers, which are used to provide foundational support for structures.  Upcoming work will include construction of retaining walls, beginning the installation of the tunnel crossing under Windward Parkway, additional storm drainage installation, continuation of boardwalk construction, and grading along Marconi Drive. Beginning May 15th, traffic patterns along Windward Parkway, between Union Hill Road/Market Place and Compass Pointe Crossing, will change to permit the beginning of construction of the tunnel under Windward Parkway. As they install each half of the tunnel, they will close off both lanes of traffic in one direction. The other side of the road will then be utilized to provide one lane of travel in each direction. The two lanes from Union Hill Road/Market Place towards Compass Pointe Crossing will be closed and the two lanes headed from Compass Pointe Crossing toward Union Hill Road/Market Place will be utilized to provide on lane in each direction. When they complete the first half of the tunnel, they will then flip the traffic flow. Traffic delays due to construction should be expected.

We will keep you updated monthly on this project with key milestones.