Opening Of Mayfield Road Changed Due To Site Conditions

Released July 09, 2018 12:51 PM
Contractors constructing the new Mayfield Road culvert advised the City of Alpharetta this morning that the opening of the road to vehicular traffic will be delayed by at least one week.  The City had previously worked with the contractor to allow for longer construction hours each day to move the target date from July 27 to July 16.

“The primary issue causing the delay relates to soil quality issues that have slowed the completion of retaining walls necessary to the project,” stated Alpharetta Director of Public Works Pete Sewczwicz.  The contractor is having to replace a significant amount of soil, more than testing originally indicated, that will properly compact and support the retaining walls, and that takes time.”

A tentative target date of July 23 is now being eyed, but Sewczwicz cautions that is not a firm prediction.

“Over the course of this week we will have better information that will give us a better gauge as to if July 23 is a realistic date”, he said.  “We will provide an update at the end of the week."