The mission of the City of Alpharetta Stormwater Management Program is to monitor, protect, and improve the quality of the water resources of the City through design review, inspection, water quality monitoring, public education, and the enforcement of City Ordinances.

Stormwater Runoff

Each time it rains, stormwater runoff (rainfall that does not soak into the ground) picks up debris such as litter, pesticides, chemicals, motor oil and dirt as it flows across rooftops, lawns, streets and parking lots.  These pollutants are deposited, untreated, into our waterways.

Uncontrolled or polluted stormwater runoff can result in:

flooding; increased stream bank erosion; destruction of aquatic life; premature filling of our streams, rivers and reservoirs with sediment; and increases in the cost of treating potable water supplies.  Additionally, it is important to remember that our stormwater becomes another community’s river, lake or drinking water supply.

If you notice uncontrolled or polluted stormwater runoff, blocked or overflowing stormwater drains, or similar water quality issues, please complete the form below or call 678-297-6200 to report the problem.

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Detention Pond & BMP Maintenance

Environmental Education