Stormwater Infrastructure Maintenance
Maintenance & Cleaning

Stormwater infrastructure is designed to manage the stormwater runoff by directing it to stormwater ponds and streams.  If unmaintained, infrastructure failures can lead to sinkholes, roadway collapses, and flooding. 

The Public Works Department maintains all of the stormwater infrastructure on City property and within the public right-of-way. 

Alpharetta Stormwater Inventory Includes:


8,000 stormwater structures (manholes, catch basins, headwalls)

127 miles of stormwater pipe

65 stormwater quality or quantity management facilities (ponds, engineered swales, etc.)

Generally, structures on private property are the responsibility of the property owner.  In some residential areas, the City maintains beyond the right-of-way.  Please see the Extent of Service Document for a detailed explanation or call 678-297-6200 for more information.

Extent of Service Policy

Private Pond Maintenance Brochure