Tier 3 Projects

The City has identified a list of projects that would be funded by 2021 TSPLOST revenues, if the TSPLOST Referendum is approved by voters in November 2021.  The projects have been prioritized into three tiers based upon criteria such as community impact, improvement of safety and/or mobility, cost effectiveness, and timeliness.


The total estimated cost of projects in Tier 3 is $9.181 Million.  Projects in Tier 3 would be advanced only if TSPLOST proceeds exceed the current total projection, if funds remain after projects in Tier 1 and 2 are completed, and/or if Projects in Tier 1 or 2 are not pursued due to extenuating circumstances.


The Identified Tier 3 Projects Are:


Hopewell Road / Vaughan Drive Roundabout                $ 1,500,000

Mayfield Road / Canton Street Roundabout                  $ 2,000,000

Mayfield Road / Providence Road Roundabout             $ 2,000,000
Pedestrian Tunnel Design (Haynes Bridge / GA400)      $   500,000

Milling And Resurfacing                                                  $ 2,500,000

Debt Retirement / Debt Service                                     $    681,850