Diseased Trees To Be Removed From Arts Center Property

Released November 04, 2016 12:22 PM

The City of Alpharetta will be removing three trees from its future Arts Center location at the corner of Mayfield Road and Canton Street.  The trees are diseased, and one has been determined to pose a potential hazard to those walking on or driving near the property.


The largest of the trees is severely infected with Hypoxylon Canker, a disease that is impacting large shade trees throughout our region that have been weakened by drought and other factors.  Unfortunately, once a tree has been severely infected and fruiting structures of the disease are visible, the tree will not survive, regardless of treatment.  In fact, it is recommended that such trees be removed and destroyed off-site to prevent the spread of the disease.

“We work hard to prevent the loss of mature trees from any of our parks,” said Mike Perry, Director of Recreation and Parks.  “Sometimes, however, to ensure the safety of the public and properly manage our tree canopy it becomes necessary to remove trees.  We work closely with our Urban Forestry Manager to ensure this is done only when necessary and that planting or replanting of trees on our parklands is done on a manner that ensures the health of the trees.”

Because of the remaining tree density on the Art Center site, the City will not be planting any new shade trees at the location.  The addition of understory trees and other plant materials on the site is currently being designed.