Alpharetta Considering Expansion Of Downtown Open Container District

Released May 03, 2017 08:06 AM

Alcohol Ordinance Map-Updated Boundary

In response to inquiries from businesses and citizens, the City of Alpharetta is considering revising its ordinances and expanding the area of Downtown Alpharetta in which special provisions for the sale and consumption of alcohol are in place.  As part of the consideration process, the City is currently asking citizens to share their thoughts, questions, and concerns about the proposal.


“We are currently working to engage the public in the discussion of the proposal to amend the alcohol ordinance as it applies to Downtown Alpharetta,” said Alpharetta City Clerk Coty Thigpen.  “We began that effort by mailing a letter to all property owners within the area under consideration for expansion.  Now we are reaching beyond those boundaries to the city at-large.”

Alchohol Ordinance Map-Updated Boundary

Alpharetta’s codes currently offer special allowances for the consumption and sale of alcohol within a portion of Downtown Alpharetta.  Those provisions were adopted in 2011 and revised slightly in 2015.  The provisions include a lower required food to alcohol sales ratio than is in effect in most of Alpharetta, as well as an “open container” allowance that permits patrons of Downtown Alpharetta restaurants to consume alcoholic beverages in certain public areas.

The City intends to formally consider the proposed changes during the June 05, 2017 meeting of City Council.  The meeting begins at 6:30 PM and is held at Alpharetta City Hall.  You may also share your questions, thoughts, or concerns on the matter in advance of the meeting by contacting our Coty Thigpen at or 678-297-6003.