Webb Bridge Park Swing Dedication Aims To Spread Friendship

Released November 28, 2018 10:00 AM

Waverly, a local 6 year old with a heart for others, is always the first to make new friends or find playmates in kids who are playing alone. She wanted to spread her love of friendship through her initiative LEAF: Lend Everyone a Friend.


As a resident of Alpharetta and student at Creek View Elementary, Waverly was honored to launch her dream and promote her message of friendship at a dedication at Webb Bridge Park. Waverly and her family and friends, along with Alpharetta Mayor Jim Gilvin and park staff celebrated this new swing with a ceremony and play date this past week at the Webb Bridge Park playground. “This plaque reminds us to make a friend, or be a friend and we can’t think of a better message for this playground! We hope swings like this pop up throughout every Alpharetta park” exclaimed Morgan Rodgers, Alpharetta Recreation, Parks & Cultural Services Director. 


Webb Bridge Park has recently undergone major renovations including new fencing, new playground structures with more still to come and a major pavilion facelift that will continue to feature the children’s artwork that was created by the community that originally built the park.  Final touches to the project are expected to be completed by the end of the year.


For questions regarding park bench/swing dedications or memorial opportunities please contact: