Alpharetta Arts Groups Receive Financial Support to Enhance Local Art

Released January 17, 2019 11:24 AM

The Alpharetta Arts Center has developed a partnership with Arts Alpharetta to advance the arts in the community.


Arts Alpharetta is dedicated to advancing Alpharetta as a cultural arts destination through artists and their work, strategic local partnerships, and innovative education. Arts Alpharetta serves as an umbrella organization, coordinating projects, exhibits, and resources for a network of local arts and cultural organizations which include Act 1 Theater, Alpha Arts Guild, Alpharetta Community Chorus, AlphaSo, Metropolitan Ballet Theatre, The Lionheart School, Alpharetta City Band, and Georgia Nature Photographers Association.


Alpharetta City officials, in collaboration with Arts Alpharetta, recently awarded a total of $50,000 to local arts-related groups, under the Arts Alpharetta umbrella. The funding is provided by the City of Alpharetta and representatives were on hand for the ceremony. The financial support for the non-profit arts and cultural groups will help provide education, inspiration and entertainment in Alpharetta throughout the year.


“We are thrilled about the partnership with Arts Alpharetta, and believe their leadership will help continue the momentum of building up the arts and culture in Alpharetta,” said Alpharetta Councilmember Donald Mitchell.  “Our residents are passionate about the arts, and deserve the ability to enjoy a wide variety of art right here at home.”


“Our organization is working to highlight the many gifted artists and cultural organizations throughout Alpharetta,” said Arts Alpharetta Chairperson Sandra Barth.  “We look forward to growing the arts in Alpharetta, and doing so in partnership with the city.”