Picturesque Oak Tree To Be Removed From Downtown Alpharetta Corner

Released January 15, 2020 03:07 PM

A large Water Oak tree that dominates the corner of Milton Avenue and Canton Street in Downtown Alpharetta is damaged and will be removed during the first week of February.  The tree suffers from root rot and has large hollow areas in its main trunk, making the once mighty oak weak and creating a risk of it falling.

Arborist Report - Hazardous Oak Tree

Arborists inspected the tree and issued a report of their findings to the City of Alpharetta; including their classification of the tree as Dead / Diseased / Hazardous (DDH).  While they found significant decay in the main trunk, the main issue stated in the report is that Gandorema root rot is obstructing the tree’s vascular system, leading to significant decline of the tree and making it a hazard.

“Unfortunately, it's usually too late to stem the progress of Ganoderma root rot in a tree that has begun to show the conks and brackets that visibly signal infection and that can be found on this tree,” explained David Shostak, the chief arborist for the City of Alpharetta.  “The fungus will have progressed too far for control by this time. Even before fruiting bodies become noticeable, the infected tree will often break or fall, demonstrating the fatal structural instability caused by the fungus.”

Because of the risk to the public and adjacent properties if the tree falls, Shostak has approved a permit for the tree to be cut and removed from the site.

“The City has, for years, considered this tree an important part of Downtown Alpharetta and has fought to ensure its preservation,” Shostak said.  “Sadly, time and disease have ended the fight, and we must allow the tree to be removed in order to ensure the safety of the public.”