Alpharetta To Make Sidewalks & Parking Spaces Available As Businesses Reopen To Support Social Distancing

Released July 21, 2020 11:00 AM

As Alpharetta businesses work to meet State requirements to reopen and begin serving customers, one of the biggest challenges for restaurants and retail shops is having enough space to meet social distancing requirements.  The City of Alpharetta announced this week that it will make portions of some public sidewalks and parking spaces available so these businesses can extend operations outside of their walls.

These allowances include:

  • Sidewalk Sales and Dining: Merchants and restaurants and other uses as requested can expand their outdoor sales, waiting areas and dining opportunities within the public sidewalk as long as a minimum 42-inch path remains open.

  • Reduced Parking Requirements: Minimum parking requirements may be reduced to accommodate additional dining patrons, curbside delivery opportunities, and merchandising.

  • Temporary Tents: The use of 10-foot x 10-foot tents may be allowed, provided that certain safety requirements are met.

Small businesses interested in taking advantage of this temporary opportunity must first complete a Temporary Outdoor Operations Permit Application and submit it via email to  The application will quickly be reviewed by Alpharetta’s Department of Community Development to ensure the request meets requirements, does not negatively impact nearby businesses, and does not unduly impact the public.  Consideration will be based on proximity to business, adjacent uses, and adequacy of parking in the vicinity.

Business with questions about the temporary measure or application process should contact Eric Graves at 678-297-6070.